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    Marie Earle

    Since 1909, Science, aesthetics, and history.

    The history of Marie Earle begins in 1909 at the Marie Earle Institut Anglais de Beauté at 279 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Baroness Marie Earle is a leading skin expert who has fascinated countless women in Paris and New York. Since our inception, we have relied on the ideal combination of technology therapy and effective care products. She introduced skin treatment technology in 1909 where she used microcurrent (Galvanic), and in 1954, proved to clients with Queen Bee Cream, the first royal jelly cosmetic in the United States.

    Customer experience design

    Marie Earle Institut Anglais de Beauté was founded in 1909 at 279 Saint-Honoré, Paris. Under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Herbert Bastable, research has continued to restore the youthfulness and vitality of the skin. Founder Marie Earle opened up a salon to support her findings with the launch of Earle’s Celebrated Skin.

    Paris' holy land for women

    Many women in the United States traveled to Paris to consult with Marie Earle and experience the program. According to Beaumonde magazine,’While opinions on some experts may differ, everyone will agree on the superiority of one expert. Anyone who wants youth and loveliness would have to ask the driver to go to the Marie Earle salon.’ In 1912, at the request of many women in the United States, Marie Earle’s equipment was installed in many stores in the United States.

    First Parisian salon
    to open in New York

    In 1922, the Marie Earle salon first opened across the sea at 600 Madison Avenue, New York. Initially, Marie Earle only stayed for a short season each year at the request of her own clients, but the explosive support of her clients led to the opening of her New York salon. In 1926, she opened her second store in Washington 1635 Connecticut Avenue, and around 1928, she opened her third store in Boston on Beacon Street, which has achieved innovative growth.

    The first royal jelly cosmetics

    Research on cosmetic ingredients began in 1950 by Rémy Chauvin and his colleagues at Station de Recherches Apicoles in Bures-sur-Yvette, France. In 1954, Queen Bee Cream, the first US cosmetic product using royal jelly, was launched on the market, followed by Queen Bee Masque and Queen Bee Emulsion, establishing itself as a best seller.

    Beyond cosmetics,
    Customer experience design

    From the outset, Marie Earle has applied strict standards for selling cosmetics. In order to reproduce the ideal skin care system in the salon, she sells extremely limited items, meticulously teaching how to use, dosage, and how to apply and applicators. This effort can also be seen in her founder Marie Earle’s books’Understading Your Skin’ and’Culture rationnelle et scientifique de la beauté’. Marie Earle continues her spirit by combining modern science and technology.

    From Derma-Cosmetics
    to Neuro-cosmetics

    Neurocometics is a non-toxic, bioactive topical product that contains special ingredients designed to work at the neurological level. This concept is not new. Beginning around 2007, the interaction of mediators and receptors between the skin and the nervous system has led to a new approach to skin health and aging. Marie Earle is at the forefront of this movement, pioneering a new market that combines high-quality active ingredients with personal beauty devices.