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    The key to beauty is understanding your skin. Marie Earle designs an advanced Neuro-Cosemetic from her existing Derma-Cosmetics. Our skin is individual and special, and it is influenced by the environment and experience. Healthy skin heals and regenerates on its own and provides new cells for your daily beauty routine. We provide ideal shapes to keep your skin in ideal condition in the best possible way.

    The main concept of future bio cosmetics started with “emotional cosmetics,” which uses the senses of the brain and allows consumers to experience various sensations through cosmetics.

    Target brain signals

    It captures emotions through skin care based on the senses of the brain, such as visual stimulation through beautiful colors, a happy olfactory experience using fragrance, and tactile pleasure while applying cosmetics with unique textures. Actual skin condition is closely related to mental and emotional energy as well as physical health. In particular, emotions that contain negative energy felt by the mind and body are consequently transmitted to the nerves of the brain, which in turn leads to pain or unbalanced skin changes. Aggressive emotions such as anger and anger, for example, temporarily release norepinephrine from the adrenal medulla, which constricts capillaries in the body, causing irregularities in the blood flow to stop and then flow again.


    Through this, free radicals are generated in the body, which in turn causes redness and irritability of the skin, and if it persists for a long time, it plays a role in inducing premature aging through serious skin problems such as inflammatory skin disease or Rosacia.

    Fundamental solution

    By activating or inhibiting the messenger between the nervous system and the brain, it plays an important role in the mechanism of aging as well as the balance between the skin and the body. By regulating neurotransmitters, it is possible to establish strategies and approaches in a new dimension that can solve skin health and aging and maintain beauty without undergoing medical treatment. Our difference is that beyond the effect of the excellence of the ingredients, we solve more fundamental problems, thereby exerting immediate and long-term improvement without irritation to the skin.