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    BLANCAR SUN SCREEN BELLE ÉPOQUE EDTION moisturizes the skin every day, strengthens the skin’s natural abilities, creates an even skin texture and a smooth, glowing skin tone. The high-quality effects of CC cream with 5 super powers are as follows.

    Even skin texture: 39%* of skin imperfections such as dark spots, redness and pores are covered. It finishes with a natural and smooth skin tone.
    Skin Moisturizing: The skin instantly becomes supple and comfortable. Stays moist for 12 hours**.
    Skin Retouch: The skin is softened, wrinkles and fine lines are covered by 20%***.
    Skin protection: Protects the skin from external harmful factors and UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays (SPF50+,PA+++).
    Skin Luster: Every day, you regain your skin’s natural ability to reflect light, increasing your skin’s radiance by +13%***.

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    This product is for all skin types, and can be used even with sensitive skin. CC Cream can be used alone or overlaid with powder for a more elaborate look. It can also be used anytime for touch-ups.


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