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    This foam-type cleanser is made by wrapping milk extracted from Saint-Gervais organic ranch and fermented rice bran in nanoparticle foam. It cleanly removes fine dust as well as oil and makeup remaining on the skin.

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    Collections turn beauty rituals into moments of sensational experiences. Discover a special cleansing skincare collection with amazing textures. After meticulously cleansing the skin, the transparent glow awakens.
    The refreshing gel texture of Sublimage Cleansing Water delicately spreads over the face and eyes, gently wrapping the skin, leaving a fresh and soft texture. Micro particles cleanly remove makeup and contaminants from the face. The powerful moisturizing effect makes the skin smooth and soft, giving it a transparent glow.

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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 cm

    1 review for DE LAIT CLEANSING BULLE

    1. Claudia Kennen

      In omnium laboramus eos.

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