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    Microcurrent Uplift Eyes Massaging Roller would generate microcurrent by drawing in light with solar panel fixed in the body, which could deliver uplift massage to your eyes and make the skin around your eyes firm.

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    The 360° massaging bead would boost the absorption of eye cream. The V-shaped design would improve sagging eyes and removes eyes stagnation. It can also deliver a comfortable massage to your face and neck, making a firmer, more contoured appearance.


    1. A fixed solar panel draws in light and generates microcurrent
    2. The 360°bead for better eye cream absorption
    3. The Y-shape design for eye uplifting massage
    5. Delivering a firmer, more contoured appearance

    1 review for OR PUR AILE SHAPER

    1. Sarah

      I like it! Very smooth\

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