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    OR PUR TROCENT ULTIME CRÉMEfor different skin problems, study the formula, apply facial aesthetics, and carefully cut into the skin, accurately injecting nutri-ents into all levels of the skin, rebuild the health function, and solve the problem of skin relaxation and sagging, facial wrinkles, neck lines, stretch marks, etc.

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    Skin from the surface layer, fat layer, muscle layer, bone layer, each layer will have aging phenomenon, and the changes in these layers on the skin surface show signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines and senile spots. Young skin is largely due to its elasticity, which keeps it smooth. With the increase of age, this elasticity will decrease with the decrease of collagen and elastin in the body, ac-companied by the relaxation and sagging of skin, which are the main reasons for natural aging of skin.

    It’s more important value is that it can effectively improve the skin quality, increase the thickness of the dermis, and increase the overall elasticity and tightness of the skin. It is a new lifting technology to prevent relaxation, block the process of sagging, tighten and lift. Ligament tilacin uses micro water technology to carry active ingredients, accurately and evenly penetrate into the required position of skin, enhance the effect of active ingredients, accurately strengthen ligaments, tighten
    muscles, and sculpt tight contour!


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